A paint booth is vital piece of equipment for automotive or industrial businesses. It is important to have an environmentally controlled facility featuring a high volume, filtered, temperature controlled and fully regulated air supply and exhaust. We know the goal is to produce clean, uncontaminated paintwork in a safe environment in compliance with OSHA and EPA standards. Because of the complex and critical nature of this process, finding an expert team with years of experience and training is a must!

That's where Down-Draft Concepts wants to help you by guaranteeing a fast and professional installation every time. Wey have over 27 years of experience and are highly recognized in the industry for their quality workmanship. Our expert technicians are committed to help you throughout the entire process from installation to the completion of the assembly, the start up and training of your employees on the new prep station or paint booth.

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For new installations, we can assist you with recommendations for your new paint booth or prep station. We will prepare a site evaluation as well as work with you to ensure you get the right unit for your needs.