Down-Draft Concepts began in 1987 in Garland, Texas (only 20 minutes from Dallas) by owner, David S. Adams. Down-Draft Concepts has expert technicians who have been with Down-Draft for over 10 years. Keland Bunch and Bobby Nash both have over 10,000 hours of experience.

We take pride in personal attention to every phase of our business and your service. We always meet our commitment needs and strive for quality in 100% of everything we do! We deliver on time--every time! Customer service is important. We value high performance, fair pricing, and quality of work. Our ultimate goal is to achieve real cost savings for our customers without compromising performance, quality, and regulatory requirements.

What makes us unique and special is that we really care about your bottom line and want to help you reduce costs and increase your bottom line, while providing top-notch, uninterrupted services to your customers. We do over $250,000 of business each year in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, and the surrounding areas as well as Mexico.

We are committed to being as "green" as possible and helping you to protect the environment, including meeting all regulatory standards and guidelines established by OSHA, EPA, and other agencies.

We know it is not WHAT we do that matters--but HOW we do it!