Down Draft Concepts is a Garmat Factory Authorized Service Provider.


"We work with all major paint booth distributors and install and maintain all models of manufactured paint booths. Down-Draft Concepts has expanded its service area to more than 10 states in the United States and Mexico."

-David S. Adams, Owner

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Welcome to Down-Draft Concepts

We are a one-stop service center for the installation, relocation, upkeep (maintenance/cleaning), repairs, and service on your paint prep stations, mixing rooms, paint booths and finishing rooms.

Our professional team will install new stations and help you train your team. We can also tear down and relocate booths, if desired. Down-Draft Concepts offers excellent customer service and prompt attention to your needs on all makes and models of booths.

Save money this year and keep your paint booths operating efficiently 365 days a year. Be assured your prep stations and paint booths are in full compliance with OSHA and the EPA regulatory requirements.

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Get In Touch with Us

No matter where you are located, we will come to your site at a reasonable cost. Call us today for an estimate and schedule your installation, relocation, repairs, maintenance or cleaning.